Tips from a local gym in Salisbury to kick start your fitness resolution

With the start of 2018, resolutions are underway and the one at the top of the list is fitness. The number one excuse for people not wanting to work out is time. 

47 ABC spoke to Powerhouse Gym in Salisbury to see how you can achieve those work out goals.

Now if you want to attack certain body parts, the best thing to do is work on total body movements. 

We're told that you should focus on hitting five basic movements: push, pull, core work, squat and hinge. 

For core work, it can include planks and for squat and hinge you can do dead lifts or lunges. 

If you're not a gym goer, you can do any of these simple work outs at home. 

In order to accomplish these goals, we're told you have to have self discipline and the right attitude to get started. 

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