Salisbury looking for input from public on skate park

In Wicomico County, local skaters are voicing their opinions at a public hearing in Salisbury. They're specifically talking about the additions they would like to see to the town's skate park.

The City of Salisbury is hosting the meeting at the Center City Atrium area on Main Street. Officials say those in attendance have the opportunity to actually sketch out their own ideas.

47 ABC sat down with Mayor Jake Day who says despite the park's popularity, tweeks to the design are crucial to making sure skaters continue to actively use the park.

"You'll see new ramps, new curvatures and different challenges for the skaters and again hopefully Thursday's design session will help to articulate some of the things that maybe aren't in the design that they want added," says Mayor Day. 

We're told this is just Phase two of three and the expansion of the park will continue into 2020 or 2021.

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