Risks and benefits of new vaping device

A new smoking device is a hit with college kids and it has health benefits for those already smoking and risks for others.

Juuls are a vaping device that looks like a flashdrive, and they're blowing up on the market because it is very discrete.

One Juul pod has the nicotine equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.  The good news, Juuls supply the nicotine for those smoking cigarettes without the ashes or smell.  However, because of the amount of concentrated nicotine the device could be highly addictive.

"A lot of people, especially the younger generation are just, they are getting into nicotine when they turn 18 and they find that Juul's has a huge amount of it," says CSA with Delmar Vape Lounge Ron Pope.  "They're very discrete.  They're easily, you can buy them really easily now, so, it's kind of just blowing up."

Devices like these might be introducing a new generation of teenagers to nicotine addiction and leading some vapers to take up smoking tobacco cigarettes, a study out in Pediatrics suggests.

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