PRMC’s new CEO officially taking over

Peninsula Regional Medical Center has a new person at the helm taking over for longtime CEO Peggy Naleppa. 

After almost one year under Naleppa's wing, Steve Leonard has officially taken over. 

As new President and CEO he not only plans to keep PRMC's newly acquired five-star rating, he'll also focus on making PRMC not just a hospital, but a health system in his nearly complete strategic plan. 

Leonard tells us, "That area focus will move from, in the past we've been looking primarily at the hospital and how we can continue to be a great care organization, providing complex services to now really looking at that health system different. How do we not only take care of people when they're sick and injured but as well how do we keep them healthy and well and out of the hospitals."

Leonard tells 47 ABC part of their mission is to figure out how to coordinate bettering our local community with all of its resources, outside of the ER. 


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