PRMC ranks in top 10% of all US hospitals

Peninsula Regional Medical Center is being placed in the top 10% of all US hospitals.

PRMC was recently awarded with a five out of five star rating by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Just 337 out of about 4,800 hospitals across the country received this five star rating, most hospitals received just three stars.

57 measures relating to overall patient experience and outcome were looked at to calculate this star rating.

PRMC officials say their ranking is largely due to their hospital's team effort, but they say they will always try to improve and get better.

CB Silvia, M.D., the Chief Medical Officer at PRMC said, "We're not done, we're always striving to do better but this does give us a confirmation that our efforts are going in the right direction."

PRMC says they also beat the national average in several areas including overall readmission, serious surgical complications, treatment of C-diff. as well as preventing blood clots. 

They say they also outperformed the Maryland hospital average on areas like nursing communication, controlling pain and patients receiving immediate help.

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