Pocomoke finishes up first phase of revitalization project

Pocomoke is finishing up the first phase of their revitalization project.

The first phase consists of knocking down almost 20 overgrown trees that were uprooting sidewalks and getting in the way of buildings.

They say they will be planting new trees in the spring and following the first phase, the city will begin addressing buildings downtown.

Within a year or two, city officials say the downtown area will become a lot more appealing.

Bobby Cowger, Pocomoke's City Manager said, "We're probably talking a year to two years maybe to get the buildings and everything in condition and try to draw people and businesses back downtown which as you can see we desparately need."

City officials say the revitalization project hasn't had a big impact on businesses in the area. 

They say they believe their efforts will help local businesses in the long run.

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