Ocean Pines introduces new license plate, raises money for police department

  Ocean Pines is planning to raise money for their police department in a unique way. Maryland license plates will soon be available for purchase to help celebrate the community's 50th anniversary and the funds will go straight to the Ocean Pines Police Department.The raffle drawing and auction fundraiser will take place in March. The Ocean Pines specialty plates that are numbered one through 10 will be auctioned off to the highest bidders and license plates that are numbered 11-50 will be raffled off at the fundraiser.

"It's our 50th anniversary we've been around for 50 years and 50 years looks good on us. So we're celebrating in a big way and we're doing it in a way that gives back because it's all about neighbors helping neighbors and it goes back to the police department and helping to bridge some communication gap and do just a nice little meet and greet," said public relations officer Denise Sawyer.

Beginning on Monday, January 15th, members of the association will be able to purchase anniversary license plate raffle tickets at the Administration Building for $50.

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