New Salisbury restaurant raises funds for first responders

A sub shop that's opened in the area is making it their mission to support first responders all across the country including here in Salisbury. The restaurant lives by their slogan that:  their subs save lives.

The multi-unit franchise was founded by former firefighting brothers who say at Firehouse Subs, subs are only part of their story. A portion of customer's purchases at all locations goes to the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, and that money will be used to provide lifesaving equipment to first responders. So far more than $31 million have been granted to provide equipment ,training, and support to hometown heroes.

"So they created our Public Safety foundation it's a non-profit and what we do is we raise funds in the restaurant via either the pickle bucket, the cannisters, or the round-up program and we take all that money- buy lifesaving gear—and we donate it back to fire companies all across the country," said area representative Bob Lowe.


The Salisbury Fire Department has donated some of their gear to the restaurant that hang's all around the firehouse subs' walls.The Salisbury's fire, police, and emergency service departments are encouraged to apply for the grants as well as other public safety organizations and non-profits in the area.

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