LOOK UP! Supermoon, Blue Moon, & Partial Lunar Eclipse

We're being treated to a rare celestial event on Wednesday as the moon will pass by at its closest point to earth in its orbit, making it a Supermoon. It will also be a Blue Moon which is defined as the second full moon in one month. Our last full moon was in early January. At the same time this is happening, a partial lunar eclipse of the moon will occur early Wednesday morning and the sky looks mainly clear for it. Temperatures will be near 20 early Wednesday and highs in the 30s during the day Wednesday. Only problem is that the eclipse will start at 6:48 AM, but the moon will be in the process of setting and will officially set around 7:15 AM. So if you're up early Wednesday morning be sure to look at the sky and try to check out the partial eclipse before it sets. If you can't be up early, then don't worry, the moon will still look pretty large and bright through at least February 1st and 2nd. But it's officially a Supermoon and Blue Moon on Wednesday morning and Wednesday night. The west coast is lucky, as they'll be able to witness a total lunar eclipse. The last time there was a Supermoon, Blue Moon, and total lunar eclipse was back in the late 1800's! 

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