Locals vent frustration in meeting with Mountaire Farms

Mountaire Farms, the poultry company has been under fire since last year, when they were cited for contaminating ground water in the area.  Wednesday night, they attempted to defend their role in the contamination of local drinking water.

The contamination that has led to things like murky tap water, and questions over whether it's safe to drink.

Sparks flew at the meeting where locals voiced their frustration and their anger during a public meeting in Millsboro.  

Under the threat of litigation, Mountaire Farms asked participants to submit questions on an index card.  But during an open comment period, locals capitalized, lashing out at those they felt responsible for the nitrates.

Local politicians and DNREC also came under fire.  The public asking how the company has avoided fines despite putting the public at risk.

"You're supposed to be representing these people who have had their wells contaminated, birth defects, pets that have died," local Anthony Scarpa barked at local political leaders sitting in the front row.

Aside from genuine anger and frustration, there was also concern.  Many stepping up to ask how their health, and the health of their loved ones, was affected.

Mountaire took to the stage defending their position, claiming they have evidence to show that the incident that occurred with Mountaire did not increase nitrate levels in local wells.

But fault or no fault, the company is committed to fixing the problem, and they outlined their two phase $35 million program, which will update their wastewater treatment, and offer help to certain locals.

"Mountaire Farms has already offered to drill new deep wells for local residents that are north of the river, south of 24, and immediately west of us," says spokesman Mike Tirrell

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