Local roads unlikely to improve until next week

Some local roads, especially the rural ones are still covered in snow but that's not because they haven't been plowed. 

The Wicomico County Roads Division is having a tough time keeping the roads clear. The biggest concern for them — the wind.

It carries the snow across the road and without constant monitoring, the roads that have already been plowed get covered up again. 

That's why they are still warning people to stay off the roads, especially at night because when folks do get stuck the plows can't get through.

Unfortunately, these conditions aren't getting much better anytime soon. 

"I don't see it changing much. I'm hopeful that the winds calm down, if the winds calm down then we can certainly make roads passable but the ice that we have and the temperatures that we're facing, it's going to be like this until next week," says Lee Outen, Supervisor for Wicomico County Roads. 

That's why Outen advises you to not go out if you don't have to. So stay home, stay warm, and if you do go outside use caution.

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