Local couple fulfills wish list of little girl from Indiana

"When you think about it, it's like wow." 

A three-year-old's Christmas Wish List fulfilled nearly 700 miles away.

"I mean it was just a neat experience to be honest with you I just couldn't believe that one the balloon traveled that far," says Corey Londoree. 

Every year students at Carousel Learning Center in Indiana fill out a wish list that's then carried into the sky on a red balloon. 

They never expect anything in return but Deborah and Steve White changed that.

"Well we were going for our morning walk with our puppy and walking around the block where we live in Woolford, Md. She picked up a piece of paper and she was kind of flipping around with it a little bit and I saw that there was some rubber on it so I was a little concerned. When she was done I took it away from her and I was going to just put it in the trashcan and instead I looked at it and it said 'Wish List," says Deborah White. 

Once the White's realized the wish list belonged to Landree Londeree, they knew they had to make her wish come true. 
"As soon as I found it and saw it and started putting it all together I was like this is such a cool Christmas thing, I mean it's just a little gift for us way out here and to just return a little gift," says White. 

But that little act of kindness went a long way.

"The fact that we had a couple that sent us something back we thought that was just so heartwarming and sweet to be able to take time out of their day to do that," says Chelsey Ryle, the Executive Director for Carousel Learning Center in Indiana. 

And for The White's, seeing Landree's smile was priceless.

"It wasn't a big thing, it was just a little thing but when you see the look on the girl's face and the impact it's a good feeling. It's really what Christmas is about and what giving is about," says Steve White. 

Londoree adds, "They'll remember this for the rest of their lives and the same goes for us. We will share the videos and newspaper articles with Landree as she gets older and understands it a little more." 

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