Life Crisis Center offers tips and advice to parents after Larry Nassar pleaded guilty

Over 150 female athletes were able to expose Larry Nassar. 

Just yesterday, the former USA gymnastics doctor pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 40 to 175 years behind bars. 

And because local matters, 47 ABC sat down with Life Crisis Center to get tips on how to prevent this from happening to your loved ones. 

We're told predators don't fit a certain mold. Life Crisis Center's Clinical Director, Donna Leffew says, "We can't assume because someone has all these credentials or they are a nice person, that they will be safe with your child and that's sad to say but it's true."

Each predator has different backgrounds, gender or race. But there is one common factor. Every single abuser uses a grooming process. It's a slow desensitization with a child so that the violations come more slowly so they aren't shocked by it. Touch becomes more families and overtime increases. 

As parents, you can try to protect your young ones by simply talking to them at a young age. 

"I think it's really important to talk to kids about their bodies and letting them where the private areas are by saying where you're bathing suit goes," Leffew tells 47 ABC. 

There are physical signs to look out for like rashes or redness. But the biggest sign that should pop out is a change in behavior. 

We're told the biggest advice of all, if someone comes to you with an accusation like this, hear their truth and believe it. Beyond that, if a child comes to you, you should remain calm. 

Also, you shouldn't say anything bad about the offender. If you do, the child may feel as if they are apart of the act and that they are bad as well. Just listen and ask open ended questions. Lastly, reassure them they are doing the right thing and that they are bold for coming out with something like this. 

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