How the snow can affect your furnace

Cold weather is meant for cuddling up in your house and staying snug and warm, and furnaces ensure that your house stays that way and is heated properly. However, with the cold winter weather you'll may encounter some common furnace problems

Furnace problems can be an  inconvenience, and it's important to know how the snow can impact your furnace and HVAC system. If you take the proper proactive measures– it will ensure that you stay nice and warm during the bitter cold. But if you are facing a furnace problem, it's time to call in a furnace repair professional.

"The things that you want to look for if you have a high efficiency gas furnace is making sure that your vent piping's are clear of snow drifts, your drain lines are clear of ice. If you have a heat pump you're going to want to make sure that snow is cleared away from the heat pump that way it can get the air across the coils properly that way it can produce heat for you," said service technician Eric Blades.

Technicians also say that they try and talk to their customers over the phone to prevent them from having to pay for no reason,and they also stress that it is important that you make sure to keep up with the maintenance of your furnace.

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