Hogan’s budget could cut millions of funding for school programs

In Maryland, Gov. Larry Hogan introduced his proposed operating budget for fiscal year 2019 Wednesday.

Hogan's office saying, "This year, the governor's historic $6.5 billion K-12 education budget goes above and beyond even the required statutory funding formulas, ensuring that every jurisdiction receives more direct education aid than in the previous fiscal year. There is also $365 million set aside for school construction, the largest investment in a decade, bringing the administration’s total new investments in school construction to $1.4 billion."

Although according to Maryland State Education Association, millions of dollars of cuts to school programs in the next five years if adopted,

According to MSEA, Hogan's budget would cut $88.9 million in funding to school programs. 

From $5 million in cuts for college readiness to scholarships for low-income students losing money to after-school and summer programs losing $5 million.

MSEA says the cuts would be detrimental to public schools in the state. 

"It's really the overall lack of prioritizing education funding. So while the Governor's budget might meet formula requirements, these formulas were set over 15 years ago. So the overall budget does not meet the threshold of adequacy and equity that our students deserve," says MSEA Vice President Cheryl Bost. 

Now this budget is not set and stone yet,  but if it's approved MSEA says the cuts will be felt by all of Maryland's public schools.

Meanwhile Hogan's office states, "The state can only spend what revenues allow. Every year, the legislature passes increases in mandated spending despite what common sense dictates and what the governor has repeatedly warned against. These increases are incompatible with revenues. If the legislature wants to fund these items, we are happy to hear their ideas on how to do that." 

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