Frigid temperatures causing pipes to freeze

The snow, freezing temperatures and brutal wind aren't just a nightmare for road conditions, they're a nightmare for homeowners too. 
We all know water freezes at 32 degrees, however for the past week or so it's been even colder here on Delmarva, which could cause your pipes to freeze.

"It's been a crazy week as far as frozen pipes go. We've seen them all over the tri-county area, all over the eastern shore," says Leif Hancock, owner of Hancock & Son Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. 

Experts say the best thing to do when you're pipes freeze is to shut off your main water valve. If not, that's when the damage kicks in.

"When it thaws, if you're not paying attention you start flooding your house," says Hancock. 

And flooding causes more than just water damage.

Robert Keefer, Owner of H2O Pro, says, "The real danger lies with the smart water. The smart water likes to hide, it's the water that goes into the wood sill plate that works into the drywall. It hides behind cabinets, it's underneath the cabinets." 

The water you can't see can easily cause mold growth.

"If that's not dried out properly then it only takes about 24 hours or so for mold to start taking hold and growing." 

A homeowner's nightmare to say the least, but there are ways to prevent frozen pipes from damaging your homes.

"You want to close that wind going into your crawl space, you want to keep your heat turned up and if you've had a history of frozen pipes before and then and then only you might want to leave a little trickle," explains Hancock. 

If you don't know where your main water valve is and you're using city water, experts say to contact the city and have them come turn off your valve for you. 

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