Event in Rehoboth Beach sparks controversy

An event that's coming to a Bar and Grill in Rehoboth Beach is stirring up some controversy. It's for a wrestling show with little people– but the restaurant didn't use that word to describe it they used the "M" word.

The event is described as a highly energetic and electrifying show where the wrestlers who are little people do approximately 250 shows a year. But the restaurant is catching some heat for using the "M" word to describe the show.

Another incident like this occurred back in September where a bar in Ocean City held a paint ball event that used the word where they hired little people to stand and be shot at with a paintball as a form of entertainment.

"We're really trying to prevent people to prevent that word being used. You may not understand this because it's not really talked about because people don't know this but that use of the word is offensive to us and my people," said President of the Little People of America for the Delaware Chapter Lizzy MacDonald.

MacDonald added that the country as a whole still has so far to go with bringing awareness to the word and for people to understand how hurtful it can be.

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