Environmental group calls on Tyson to adopt sustainable practices

An environmental group is putting pressure on local poultry companies to adapt more sustainable practices.

Virginia's Eastern Shore is just one the places Mighty Earth is looking to bring change.

Organizers tell us they were drawn to the shore because of the recent increase of poultry operations, but also because a Tyson is one of the leaders in the poultry industry and a facility is located here.

Right now the organization is calling on the company to adapt more responsible practices throughout their entire supply chain, such as growing healthier chickens, to being conscious of the impact the industry has on local waterways.

"We have a national campaign that is looking to persuade them as an industry leader to improve how they raise chickens, ways that they source their grain," says Glenn Hurowitz, the CEO for Mighty Earth.

47 ABC reached out to Tyson, who tells us that they are aware of the organizations claims, and say the company has already made progress over the years. 

 A representative from Tyson responded with this statement:

    We’re committed to doing our part to address concerns about pollution from crops, but believe any real progress must involve a broad coalition of leaders from across the supply chain working together, not just a single company. 
     Tyson Foods has made significant progress over the years using grain more efficiently in our chicken business. We will continue to talk to farmers, academic experts, government regulators and environmental groups about additional improvements in how grain is produced and used. We’re also looking at a variety of ways to collaborate with others, including feed suppliers, to encourage farmers to deploy best practices in nutrient management.
    This group is making misleading claims about our company. For example, their focus is pollution from crop production, but they overlook the many ways crops are used including human consumption, biofuel (ethanol) and exports."  -Caroline Ahn, Manager for External Communications.


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