Democratic delegate hopeful organizes get-together for eastern shore candidates

A political hopeful says Somerset County needs to do better.  At Peaky's Restaurant in Princess Anne Saturday, Kirkland Hall Sr., running for the District 38A seat, held a fundraising event and shared his reasons why he is running.

In the building were Democratic candidates from Wicomico and Worcester County, also running for delegate seats.

Some young people interested in getting involved in local government also came out to the rally.

The meeting was called, not just to raise funds, but to also get local candidates on the same page for the upcoming campaigns.

"Somerset County has a number of problems.  We're the poorest county in the state of Maryland, unemployment is the highest in the state of Maryland," says Kirkland Hall Sr.  "We have so many kids living in poverty, families in poverty.  So, my goal is come up with some strategies how to correct that.  For the last thirty years that's what we've ranked, last in the state.  So it's time for a change."

You will soon be able to support Hall at, we're told that website will be up and running in a week.

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