Delmarvans make the most out of snow day

The weather outside is frightful…well not for everybody .

Delmarva has seen anywhere from 4 to 13 inches of sno, and that has canceled classes and kept folks home from work.

However just because it's cold,  windy, and miserable for summer lovers , doesn't mean that people can't enjoy it.

On Thursday, families braved the cold to have some fun at the Elks Lodge in Salisbury. 

"I'm just sliding and sledding down this hill, it's really cool, I love doing it in the snow, it's just a lot of fun,' says Kaylan Smullen.

"We brought the big tube, snow boats and one that you can latch your feet in and a rope on the way up so that you can pull your way up," says Jayla.

Residents coming outside to make memories with their families.

"My favorite part is probably watching my brother and sister just slide down the whole way it's pretty great," says Kaylan.

While being out in the snow is fun, it is also important to keep a few tips in mind to make sure they're safe, such as dressing children in warm layers and limiting their time outside.

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