Delmarva Power warns customers of new scam

  Delmarva Power is urging their customers in Maryland and Delaware to be aware of  a *green dot scam* that is resurfacing. The company says Customers in the area have reached out to the company to report that they have been targeted. The scammers, who target both residential and business customers, call claiming that they are behind on their account and must make an immediate payment to avoid their service being cut off. As part of the scam customers are asked to purchase a pre-paid debit card such as a Green Dot MoneyPak for a specific amount from local pharmacies, retail chains or convenience stores. 

"Typically the scammer will call and ask a customer for the account name the account address the account number and even the amount of the current balance. Delmarva Power would not ask those question we know all those questions. So the safest thing to do is hang up the phone, and  call Delmarva power at the 1-800-375-7117," said Senior Communications Specialist for Delmarva Nicholas Morici.

The company says you should never provide your social security number, banking, or credit card information by phone unless you've initiated the call.

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