Delawareans deal with heavy snow

Southern Delawareans are busy shoveling out after a winter storm rocked Delmarva. 

Ireneo Perez, a Georgetown resident said it took him upwards of three hours to shovel his driveway.

Sam Vanheest, another Sussex County resident, said, "Right now I just need to make a path for the sidewalk and hopefully my friend can come by with a snow plow."

Making a path is not as easy as it looks with the snow flying and the wind sliding it around. 

Onneika Bennett, a worker in Laurel said, "It was really bad. I came out at 5 PM trying to shovel my driveway and it was really bad, I fell twice."

Falls, shovels and scrapers aside, there's real work to be done. That's where DelDOT comes in. Their employees are working tirelessly to battle the blizzard. 

Alastair Probert, DelDOT's District Engineer for Southern Delaware, said, "Well currently we're out plowing, that's about all we can do at this point in time so we're just out plowing and addressing drifts as they come up. Unfortunately we're not making much process based on the wind going 50 miles per hour in some areas."

Some are trying to keep a positive mindset.

Vanheest said, "We'll get through it I mean, it's not that heavy."

Others said they are ready for the snow to melt away and for the winds to die down.

Bennett said, "While I was shoveling the wind was so bad yeah and my driveway was horrible."

Thursday's conditions were so bad in Delaware that even kids chose to stay indoors instead of playing outside in the frigid snow.

Vanheest said, "Everybody kind of stays in their houses for their day and relaxes."

Delawareans who were forced to drive on Thursday said conditions were dangerous.

Onneika Bennett, a Georgetown resident, said she had to drive to Laurel for work in the morning and barely arrived safe. "It was really bad. The roads were really bad. Yeah, it took me like an hour and a half from Georgetown to get here and I got stuck like three times," she said. 

DelDOT said it will continue to work into the night plowing roads to make life a little easier for Delaware residents.

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