December’s ‘Teacher Who Makes A Difference’ Award

Our newest addition to the 'Teacher Who Makes A Difference' club is Elizabeth Davidson. 

She has won the Decembers Teacher Who Makes A Difference award. Davidson is a third grade teacher from Showell Elementary School in Berlin. 

47 ABC had the chance to surprise her Tuesday morning while she was teaching. She was completely taken back, but definitely humbled.

Davidson said the moment was extremely special because she was a student at Showell herself. 

"I just do it for the kids, I'm just so fortunate to have a job that I look forward to go to everyday. I really am, this is really nice, this is a nice surprise. I'm so lucky to work at Showell. The kids are great, my coworkers are great, my administration is great I'm just really fortunate," says Davidson. 

The 'Teacher Who Makes A Difference' is brought to you in part by Accurate Optical.

If you know of a teacher like Davidson who deserves to be recognized for their hard work and dedication to teaching our youth, you can nominate them by clicking on our 'Contests' page. 

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