Crisfield High kicks off the new year with athletic department renovations

Since last spring, a high school in Somerset County has been making some major improvements to their facility.  

Crisfield High School & Academy has seen construction in one part of their school and their hard hats are finally off.

The school held a pep rally today to celebrate the newest developments. The Crabbers are excited to finally unveil the newest addition to their school.

They got two brand new locker rooms, two team rooms, two storage areas for the teams, new bleachers in the gymnasium, a new weight room, laundry room, and trainers room. 

A big feature, the bright purple bleachers in the gymnasium. 

Construction started back in March, but now the Crabbers can finally get back into the game with some pep in their step. 

"The pride, the athletes are already showing much more pride in the program so it's been huge for us," Athletic Director Gregory Bozman tells 47 ABC. 

It's been almost 20 years since their last upgrade. Having these new additions will be a great way to start the new year with a slam dunk. 

"It's huge for the school, I mean it was much needed everybody realizes that. Like I said I've been here since '90 as an actual coach to see the difference between our locker room, gym and bleachers now as opposed to what it was, it's like night and day it's really big," Bozman says. 

Now the state had asked Crisfield High to use one of their back buildings to have a Head Start Program.

The Head Start building attached to Crisfield High saw some damage from Hurricane Sandy back in 2012.

But they were able to revamp it with some new classrooms and common areas.

Head Start is a federal program where local communities support the mental, social, and emotional development of a child from birth to the age five.

To have that building, in return, they gave them money for the renovation for the gym area and locker rooms. 

We're told the first regular season home for boys varsity basketball is tonight and they are excited to show off the new improvements. 

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