Crisfield council votes to dump Carvel Hall manure plant plan

For months the city council has toiled with the possibility of placing a new chicken manure plant at the site of the old Carvel Hall building.  Wednesday night, the city council voted 3-2 against the plan.

Councilwoman LaVerne Johnson made her case, along with Erik Emely and Barbara Ward, why she voted no.

"I feel like this project is not the project for us because of its locations, and the other issues and concerns that I've had that im still not comfortable with."

Emely told the crowd he voted no because his constituents were resoundingly against the plan.  Meanwhile Ward says the plan wasn't the right fit in her mind.

However, that didn't stop the remaining two council members from trying to sway a third deciding vote.

"For once I would like to see Crisfield be the head and not the tail.  I'd like to see us lead.  I'd like to see us step out there with new technology,"  said councilwoman Charlotte Scott.  "We do have this opportunity, and I say when was the last time Crisfield had a 50 million dollar opportunity, I just can't turn it down at this stage."

The vote "no" is big news, and drew cheers from the crowd.  But Wednesday night the mayor, a champion of the project, also had big news of his own, that he would be stepping down and retiring in June.

"I do feel we've got tremendous work and I can tell you as of June I am tired.  And I'm retiring to my back porch."

The move meaning come June it'll be the next mayor's problem to find a new tenant for the old Carvel Hall building.

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