Community supports Delaware family who lost everything in a fire

Family, friends and even strangers are helping out a single mom and her children after they lost everything in a fire.

In the middle of the night on January 8th, Patti Reid saw flames coming from a house on her way home from work.

Reid didn't hesitate to help the Ruth family as they all slept. 

Patti Reid said, "I was on my way home from work and I saw a lot of smoke and then I saw a little bit of flames just coming out from underneath and I wasn't even thinking, I just whipped in and banged on the door as hard as I could."

Crystal said she woke up thinking her son was yelling for help, but quickly realized it wasn't him. 

"Then I heard the banging so I go to the door and that's when Patti came in and she told us our house was on fire," Crystal Ruth said.

Once the family was outside, they called 911. When fire fighters got there, the house was already a total loss. 

Ruth said, "Horrible. You don't really expect to know what's going on after a fire, you take every little thing for granted and I'm really starting to realize how much I've taken for granted."

Now, Jessica Rawley is stepping up to the plate to lend her good friend Crystal a helping hand.

Rawley said, "We're doing everything we can to try and help her. It really breaks my heart and it wasn't even a thought that I would never do it, you know? We instantly invited her into our home her and her kids and we're making everything work the best we can."

Jessica didn't stop there, however. She set up a Go Fund Me page for the family. It's only taken a few days for the fundraising effort to raise half of it's goal.

Ruth said, "I am beyond thankful. I am a very prideful person, like I don't ask for help from anybody, I never have. So to have all these people that I don't know that are so willing to help, it's amazing."

The money will go a long way towards getting the family back on their feet.  

Rawley said, "You know, it just, every penny helps her to get some normalcy back in her life for her, and her boys."

As for Patti Reid, she is just glad she was in the right place at the right time.

Reid said, "She's just an amazing mom. She's an amazing mom and I'm glad I was here at the right time at the right place. I wasn't even thinking. I don't want to be called an angel or a hero, I was just doing what any human, any mom would do."

If you want to help the Ruth family, you can donate to their Go Fund Me page.

Jessica Rawley says she is now trying to set up a Chinese Auction for the Ruth family. She has already been coordinating with local businesses, but needs a venue for the auction.

If you have a venue available near Camden, DE, you are encouraged to reach out to Jessica Rawley. Her email is:

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