Community reacts to Arcadia Nursing Home closing in March

Residents at one facility in Accomack County are being forced to find a new place to call home. 

Arcadia Nursing Home and Quail Run Assisted Living in Gargatha recently announced, it will be closing its doors. 

A letter was given to every single resident and employee. The facility is shutting its doors, after it couldn't find a new buyer. Independently, it couldn't financially sustain itself. 

And these facilities have become a home for residents for the past several years. But now, those residents are left scrambling for answers.

During this emotional and confusing time, we're told the facility is helping residents find a new place. 

We're told they've already been moving them as far as Virginia Beach. But we spoke to a few locals who say that this is an inconvenience for families who will need to constantly travel to visit loved ones.  

The letter also expressed gratitude to all their workers that are now left jobless. Thanking them for all their hard work. 

Accomack County Supervisor for District 5, Harrison Phillips says, "That's 80 jobs in our community. In bigger cities it may not seem like a big deal but any jobs around here is quite a big deal and I hate to see it for the jobs and for the people that may be kicked out of their home basically."

The facilities say the transfer and care of their residents is their top priority. 

Arcadia Nursing Home and Quail Run Assisted Living will close by March 5th. 

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