Berlin veterinarian talks about potential risks essential oils have on cats

More and more people are starting to buy essential oils for their homes, veterinarians are warning they can be dangerous for our feline friends. 

According to veterinarians, the oils can pose a toxic risk to cats. They say cats lack an essential enzyme in their liver, which eliminates certain toxins like essential oils. 

Because local matters, 47 ABC spoke with a vet in Berlin, Dr. Lauren Carlson, who says the essential oils could cause serious inflammatory reactions and maybe even asthma attacks. 

If a cat actually ingests the oils, they may begin drooling or vomiting. As for the diffusers themselves they can cause respiratory distress, labored breathing, and sometimes even death. 

Dr. Carlson says, "They should never be used on pets for therapeutic reasons there's just no reason for that, but if you're using them for yourself, which I do to, putting them in a separate room pretty much eliminates the risk of them getting to it."

We're told certain essential oils can poison cats such as wintergreen, citrus, or peppermint. 

Cats suffering any symptoms need to be moved into fresh air. Each cat can react differently, but if their symptoms are not resolved quickly, emergency veterinary treatment is needed. 

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