Beloved Winter Quarters Golf Course closes

Part of Winter Quarters golf course

The Winter Quarters Golf Course may have hosted it's final tee time. 

On Monday night, Pocomoke's City Council announced that they would close down the course due to a significant loss in revenue and membership. 

It's a blow to the community, which has had the course for more than 70 years.

Officials say the course was suffering about $150,000 in revenue loss every year.

City council members gave Winter Quarters a chance to turn things around before closing it down.

Pocomoke's City Manager, Bobby Cowger said, "The city council and the mayor had given it six months in this year to try and see if it could be turned around with different new ideas."

In that time, locals were able to use advertising to generate about $20,000 in revenue, but that wasn't enough.

Cowger said, "Some of that helped a little bit because it did increase, but not enough to overtake the losses that they've had."

For Pocomoke, and the people who loved this course, it wasn't about the money. It was about the hills, the challenge and the memories.

Jim Covington, a homeowner in Winter Quarters said, "The golf course has been a big amenity to the community. It has been a big source of community civic organizations such as the Lions Club, the Elks Club, the Pocomoke High School Athletics Boosters to whole tournaments to raise money."

"It also helps attract people to move to this community to buy property in the community for people to play golf at winter quarters and to spend money in the community at restaurants and downtown businesses," he said.

City officials are still trying to figure out how they can help Winter Quarters employees who lost their jobs. As for the property, it's future is still up in the air. 

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