Allen Harim announces updates to wastewater treatment project

Allen Harim is continuing their efforts to reduce waste water discharge.

On Monday, the poultry company announced that upgrades to their Harbeson wastewater treatment plant have been completed.

Since being completed, company officials say they have achieved 100 percent compliance with all discharge parameter listed in the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. This upgrade is just phase one of their project. Allen Harim says they've spent more than 8 million dollars on phase one.

Phase two includes a partnership with Artesian Wastewater Management, who will build a pipeline from Allen Harim to a recycling facility north of Milton.

The poultry company says this a better alternative to their current practice of discharging  wastewater  into the nearby Beaverdam Creek. Phase two is expected to completed later this year. 

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