47 ABC rides along with local snow plow driver

There is 'snow' way around this, we've been hit hard here on Delmarva. The roads almost impossible to see, even though crews have been hard at work trying to clear them since last night. 

47 ABC had a chance to get a glimpse of what these snow plows are dealing with on Thursday. 

"My name is Dana and I'm working for Wicomico County Roads and I'm going to give you a tour of pushing show." 
Dana Thorton has been non-stop snow plowing since Wednesday evening. It's a long shift with no real end in sight. 

"A lot of people think that it's an easy job, it looks easy but even to us experienced people it gets hard," explains Dana. 

It's a bumpy ride to say the least, but not because of the size of this dump truck, it's from the mounds of snow still on the road and the snow just keeps on coming.

"Mother natures against us," Dana adds, "Just when you think you might know the road, the road will disappear on you." 

Dana says snow storms like this are a nightmare for snow plowers to get their job done because the wind causes drifts and whiteouts.

"I can't even see the tracks." 

This road, already plowed two times but you would never know.
"The snow is across the road the wind is blowing it back across the road after it's already been plowed." 

So when will they be ready? Dana's not even sure.

"For the ones that don't have to be out here in it, I advise them to stay inside where it's nice and warm," explains Dana. 

He advises anyone and everyone to try and stay off the roads so the snow plows can continue to try and clear the roadways to make it safe for other cars. 

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