UPDATE: Local Former Police Chief and Councilman among those charged in Delmar prostitution sting

A local councilman and a former police chief are among those arrested in a prostitution sting, in Delmar.

On Tuesday, the following five people were arrested in a Maryland State Police Prostitution sting, at a Delmar hotel: 74-year-old Wendell Travers, of Cambridge; 71-year-old William Jackson, of Cambridge; 45-year-old Paul Emely, of Crisfield; 52-year-old Horace Wilson, of Georgetown; and 32-year-old Erica Reviere, of Fayetteville, NC.

Two of the five people arrested are or have been public servants as Paul Emely, also known in some circles as DJ Flea, is a Crisfield Councilman. Court records regarding a 1994 lawsuit against the Town of Hurlock and its Police Chief list Wendell Travers as Police Chief for the Hurlock Police Department. 

According to court records from the District Court of Maryland for Wicomico County, the same room was used during the prostitution sting, and the amount of money exchanged between the arrested individuals and the undercover MSP trooper ranges from $40 to $220 for sex.

Travers, Jackson, Emely, Wilson, and Reviere were all charged solicitation for prostitution.

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