Salisbury Police to introduce a new child identification system

If you've ever lost your child or a loved one, you know it's a terrifying experience. That's why the Salisbury Police Department is introducing a new, free identification system to help them track down lost children or seniors faster.

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day said, "This is a system that is a great tool for parents that simply want to be able to have an ID card for their kids."

The McGruff Safe Kids Total Identification System will help police locate missing people faster through finger print technology and identification cards.

Chief of Salisbury Police, Barbara Duncan, said, "It's an inkless system. It's a digital system, so it allows us to photograph and fingerprint children and seniors or vulnerable adults, provide that completed information to a parent or guardian of that individual."

Salisbury Police say they receive numerous reports of missing people every year.

Chief Duncan said, "To date for 2017, we have investigated approximately 80 reports of individuals, juveniles, individuals that have gone missing."

Officials involved are hoping that by introducing this system, it will provide Salisbury parents with a sense of comfort.

Mayor Day said, "As a dad, a relatively young dad, you know, I'm concerned about these types of things of course and I'm concerned about my kids and watch over them like a hawk and any way to provide that reassurance to a parent is a positive."

Salisbury officials plan on entering children into this system at popular events like National Night Out.

Mayor Day said, "It's mobile, so we'll take it to National Night Out in City Park, we'll take it to places like our neighborhood walks around the city, so this is something, a tool that we can take on the road with us."

The identification system has experienced massive success in other communities, and Salisbury Police are excited about the future.

Chief Duncan said, "It has been received very well, we're looking forward to it and we're looking forward to connecting on another level with the people we work with and serve."

Salisbury Police should begin training their officers to use the system in the coming months.

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