Reactions from Delmarva winter storm

Certain areas on Delmarva experienced about a half a foot of snow from the winter storm making its way through Friday through Saturday evening.  The weather causing some hazardous conditions out on the roadways Friday night and into Saturday morning in some areas.

Some locals saw it as an early Christmas present, as the dense snow that began falling Friday afternoon made for perfect conditions for a day of sledding or snowball fights.

"They're pelting each other with snowballs non stop so I don't think they hate it so far," says Denny Carter, who was visiting family in Berlin.

"It's definitely a heavy snow, good snowman making snow.  Kids, hopefully they don't knock somebody's eye out with a snowball because it makes a hard one," says Salisbury resident Corey Shepherd.

But the winter weather also brought in hazardous conditions for travelers.

Carter says his drive from Montgomery County was "a little dicey as far as the rain and sleet and snow goes."

"We went out to the mall last night.  Roads were pretty rough.  But today they've done a good job on them, they've turned out good this afternoon," says Shepherd.

Salisbury officials say the snowy conditions caused ten accidents on city roads.

As of Saturday afternoon, Route 50, Worcester Highway, John J Williams Highway, and most major arteries on Delmarva were completely clear.

The thick snow triggered other issues for Salisbury and surrounding areas.

"This is a heavy wet snow so we also saw snow pile up on trees.  We saw a lot of down limbs, we've seen a lot of down power lines," said Salisbury Mayor Jake Day.  "We've seen it in our Camden and Smith Street neighborhoods, and a few other small spots around the city."

Mayor Day adds that Salisbury Zoo experienced major tree damage, and will be closing for the weekend to clean up.  We are told they should open back up on Monday.

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