Delmarva prepares for heavy snowfall

Whether you love it or you hate it, snowfall has begun throughout Delmarva and snow plows all across the Eastern Shore are busy hitting the pavement.

47ABC spoke with officials Friday to learn more about how they are preparing for the snow.

DelDOT, VDOT, and the Maryland State Highway Administration alike told 47ABC they were applying brine and salt to the roadways early Friday morning in preparation for the snow.

On Friday night, crews asked people to stay home while they begin plowing the roads.

James Meredith, Maryland State Highway Administrations' District Engineer, said, "We would encourage everybody to stay home and let us do our job because you just never know when you're going to have black ice. Remember bridges do freeze before roadways and things like that, so with an early wet snow, sometimes people are excited about it, but it's just as dangerous as any other snow storm."

Crews across Delmarva said they have been preparing for a heavy snow like this for quite some time.

Alastair Probert, DelDOT's District Engineer said, "We have about 50,000 tons of salt on hand. If we have to bring all of our plow trucks in, we'll have about 80 plow trucks running through the weekend, and that will be around 100 operators, supervisors, mechanics, that kind of support staff to keep everything up and running so, I'd say we're well situated to deal with whatever we have."

Meredith said, "We've got about 50 some pieces of equipment in four shops and all of our equipment we're loading them with salt, we're putting our plows on, we're going to be staying in the evening to make sure that if it does start this afternoon or this evening that we're ready so trucks loaded, plows on them."

Nina Napolitano, VDOT's Senior Communication Director added, "We currently have materials and supplies in stock for potential winter weather response that includes 24,000 tons of salt, 14,000 tons of sand and 168,000 gallons of brime."

Crews said they would likely be out plowing late into the night on Friday to ensure that the roadways are cleared.

Probert said, "We'll likely be staffed through the night. We haven't figured out the exact staffing levels but we're anticipating having to work well into Saturday and it really depends on what kinds of temperatures we see Saturday evening, whether or not we have to work a little bit longer so, we're hoping mother nature helps us out on this one."

Officials said if you absolutely must drive over the weekend, drive slow and be careful.

Probert said, "I would say you know, take it easy, don't be in a hurry, allow plenty of time to get to where you've got to go to and just recognize that there could be areas that are icier that may not seem icy based on, you know, there could be black ice out there that you don't see and stuff like that so just be extra cautious out there."

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