Crisfield councilman releases apology after his role in alleged Delmar prostitution sting

Paul Erik Emely, 45, Crisfield

A Crisfield councilman released an apology on Thursday, after he was arrested on Tuesday, for charges of prostitution solicitation.

Erik Emely says, "I wanted to post one last post on Facebook before I remove my account to concentrate on my life and family. My last post will be this, I, Erik Emely, made the biggest mistake of my life on Tuesday. I have been a member of this community and town for 45 years. Yes, I have made mistakes.

Yes, I have volunteered many hours and I have always tried my best to help anybody I could in anyway, but that doesn't excuse my actions. With that being said, I would like to say I'm sorry. There is no excuse for my actions and I take full responsibility to say I am hurting is a understatement,  I am devastated. 

To the Fire Department, Ambulance Squad, Elks,Legion and all the other organizations I have been a part of for many years, I'm sorry. To the Citizens of Crisfield , I am sorry, I have represented you for 31/2 years to the best of my ability and worked very hard and now I have let you down and I'm sorry.

In closing, the last thing I would like to say is to my family, especially my wife Jamie, Emma, Jordan, Dad, Brother, Sister,in-laws, grandparents, everyone in my family, I ask for forgiveness and I'm sorry. This situation not only destroyed my character, but it brought in a lot of people that had no involvement in this and for that I am sorry.

Family is very important in the world today. The battle wont be easy and I hope with God's help you can forgive me. Thank you to all who have called and sent messages. I won't be able to see your responses, but I pray that you will accept my apology. I'm sorry Erik."

This comes after Emely, former Hurlock Police Chief Wendell Travers, William Jackson, Horace Wilson and Erica Reviere, were arrested in a prostitution sting that reportedly took place at a Delmar hotel.

Court records show that the room was used during the sting, and that the money exchanged between the suspects and the undercover MSP trooper ranges from $40 to $220 for sex.

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