Airport applying for expansion grant

The Salisbury Regional Airport was built back in the 40s, but officials say the facility needs to grow to fit the regions needs. 

Right now, only one airline operates there and flys to just two places. 

But this week, officials are applying to the Department of Transportation for a grant to attract more business.  

"Its designed to bring either new service or expand existing service and lower fares.

Airport manager, Dawn Veatch,  has ideas for growth but first she wants to stop people from driving to other airports to fly. 

"We have over 200,000 passengers a year that are driving to Philadelphia and BWI to go to Florida instead of here." 

The grant, valued at three quarters of a million dollars, would be joined with money from community pledges and used to wage an aggressive ad campaign. 

"We're asking for $750,000 dollars. With that, I want to match at least 20%. So that's worth at least $120,000 – $150,000."

If the ad campaign draws more customers to the airport,  it could mean more flights, more carriers and eventually lower fares. 

So they are asking people to support the effort- even as simply as writing a letter. 

The letters should explain to federal officials why the airport should expand and the economic impact the move could have on the region. 

"Thursdays deadline is to submit the application. We don't have to have everything in by then, but the more the better because it shows the commitment from the community." 

For more info on supporting the airport's grant application, click the link below:

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