Aftershock: What you should do if you ever experience an earthquake again

Earthquake Hits Delmarva Peninsula 

Earthquakes can happen without warning, at any time of the year, day or night. On Thursday evening a 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit the Delmarva Peninsula.

Local experts shared tips to help you and your family stay safe if an earthquake was ever to hit the region again.

"Make sure your home and business is ready to go. For any type of emergency. Not just something that we're used to having. Even stuff like earthquakes that we don't normally see," said Deputy Director for the Delaware Emergency Management Agency Chris Murtha.

Murtha said the recent earthquake should be a wake up call for families and communities across Delmarva to be prepared for all emergencies.

"This is still a great example of how we need to be prepared for everything. Even on the east coast we still need to be worried about things like earthquakes so we should prepare ahead of time for any type of emergency," said Murtha.

The 4.1 magnitude earthquake wasn't strong enough to cause major damage, but it was powerful enough for some people to feel a shake.

"It doesn't have any real serious effects normally. People indoors might feel this earthquake really strongly. People outside might not feel it at all," said geologist and senior scientist Peter McLaughlin.


And experts say no matter the emergency, or even the intensity of the earthquake, your family should always be prepared.

"Everyone should make sure their family is prepared ahead of time. Make sure they have an emergency preparedness kit, make sure they have flashlights and things like that if the power goes out make sure you have some extra food and water available," said Murtha.

And if you experience an earthquake inside your home or a building make sure you stay inside.

"Don't run outside of the building. Cuz your susceptible to being hit by falling debris, etc. so stay right where you are cover up and hold on to whatever your able to hold on to," said Murtha.

Experts also said that if you ever find yourself outside during an earthquake, you should find a clear space, drop to the ground, and stay there until the shaking stops.

"After shocks do occur after earthquakes sometimes. And in fact in the past in Delaware there has been small recorded aftershocks," said McLaughlin.

And once the earthquake is over, check for injuries, get first aid if needed and return home only when authorities say it's safe to do so.

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