37th annual Governor’s Challenge impacts Salisbury’s economy

From the courts, to the restaurants, to the hotels, businesses all around Salisbury are preparing for the thousands of local and out-of-state people that are making their way to the area for the 37th annual Governor's Challenge.

"Usually it's over 10,000 attendees that actually are here watching the event. It's pretty crazy to see the number of people coming in from out of town," said tournament director James Simmons.

The annual holiday tournament is a tradition on the shore showcasing some of the best high school boys and girls teams in the nation, but it's also a chance for local businesses to cash in. 

"That's a 1.5 million dollar economic impact on the area with hotels, restaurants, shopping all of that combined," said Simmons.

"The impact for us is after the initial order a lot of times they'll order the second night or third night so it is a good help to our business as well," said Sub Runners owner Bill Neville.

Local hotels also get more traffic. The Hampton Inn in Salisubury hosts teams for the challenge and say when one team leaves another team is getting ready to check in.

"There's over 800 rooms booked just alone from the teams across the county. There's nine or ten different hotels that we've partnered with from Wicomico County tourism," said Simmons.

 Businesses also added that the community should continue to support the tournament and take advantage of every opportunity to grow Salisbury.

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