Thousands of court notices not mailed out

A programming glitch is being blamed after thousands of appearance notices for criminal cases were not mailed in The First State.  Officials say about 9,500 appearance notices were not mailed out between June 1st and October 3rd.

We have learned that the Court of Common Pleas believes the problem originates from the Department of Technology and Information, saying the court would get notices that appearance notices had printed even though they hadn't.

Because many of these are traffic cases, regardless of whether a case was mailed out or not, all arraignments have already been rescheduled.

"All cases and traffic arraignments have already been listed and those hearings rescheduled.  So if somebody missed a traffic case that was affected by this, they're case has already been canceled, and their court case has been rescheduled and they will get a notice for that," said Court Administrator Stephanie Fitzgerald.

Now if you are expecting a court notice in the mail and want to find out if you have been affected by this, the Court of Common Pleas website has set up a portal.

Go to and type in information on your case, and you can find out if you were affected as well.

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