SU’s Medical Simulation Center continues to give students real life experiences

A simulation center in Salisbury has been giving students a hands on experience allowing them to make mistakes and learn from those situations. 

Salisbury University's Medical Simulation Center may have opened in 2011 but it's been stepping up its game over the years.

Now more than ever, this program has been enhancing their education.

We are told when they designed the space, they deliberately wanted it to be a place where students came with their game face on.

Students are put in real life situations with simulations. Rooms mirror an every day hospital.

Their program has grown ever since opening 6 years ago. 

Lisa Seldomridge, the Co-Director of the Sim Center and Director of SU's Graduate Nursing Program says, "We started with one simulator, a child, and then little by little added additional members to our family, so we now have two new born's a birthing simulator."

They're known as human patient simulations designed to look and respond just like human beings. You can even dial up any condition in a matter of seconds. 

"So having us control that kind of learning just has given students a much wider array of exposure," Seldomridge tells 47 ABC. 

Besides the expansion of their simulator family, they've also extended their learning space for debriefing, where students talk about scenarios and what they need to work on.

This center gives students the opportunity to grasp scenarios now, in order for them to nurse situations better in the future. 

They are looking to expand and say they have room for another adult for their ICU.

Adding on another child along with premature babies would also be a great addition for the center. 

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