Somerset County offering free diabetes prevention programs

November marks Diabetes Awareness Month. 

A disease that more Americans are on the track to getting with pre-diabetes affecting one out of four people in the nation.  

In Maryland, Somerset County ranks number one with the highest rate of diabetes at average of 23% double the states average. 

The good news is there are places taking steps to bring those numbers down. 

Chesapeake Health Care in Princess Anne is hoping to make an impact by monitoring your cholesterol, blood pressure, and your average blood sugar. 

They have a partnership with local health departments to encourage those at risk to participate in a diabetes prevention program.

The prevention program sponsored by Somerset County's Health Department is for anyone who is prediabetic.

Some common risks factors are being over 45 years old, having some family history, or simply not being active. 

The department's newest campaign called know your numbers was created last year to raise awareness. And it's been quite successful.

They've actually been seeing more patients reach out seeking help.

Their year long program is designed for individuals needing a healthier life style. Their goal is to have the patient lose 5-7% of body weight.

One tip to help you out, losing a bit of weight can help lower your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.

If you want to reach out about the free program in Somerset County, you can call their health department at 443-523-1760.

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