Snow Hill tweaks speed cam program

The town of Snow Hill is hoping some recent changes will cut down on the number of complaints they've gotten about the speed cam on Market Street. 

"We were getting a lot of complaints from the people that were getting caught speeding because it was heading out of town."

Chief Tom Davis has been leading the Snow Hill Police department for over year now and says complaints about the speed camera on Market Street, near the middle school, used to be a regular thing. 

Residents claiming it was awkwardly placed catching them as they were leaving a school zone. 

So the town made a switch two weeks ago moving the camera to the northbound side to catch lead-footed drivers as they are coming into town, not leaving.

"Its getting people right in the reduced speed zone as they enter the school zone. Its getting people coming in so hopefully it will slow people down coming in."

Now that they've switched things up on Market Street, the city is looking at making the streets safer near Snow Hill High School. 

"We haven't had too many complaints but we were concerned about speeds on Church Street by the high school. So since that is a school zone that would be applicable for the camera."

Chief Davis says there are concerns over the accuracy of the speed cam, but says they're tested regularly and they found no issues.  

"With these speed cams they can be lane specific. So if there's three lanes going in one direction they can target speeds in one of any of those three lanes."

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