Salisbury City Council reaches consensus regarding mayor’s salary

After weeks of deliberation, the Salisbury City Council has reached a consensus regarding a pay raise for the Salisbury Mayor.

City Council President Jack Heath announced that under a new proposal, the Mayor's salary would be $50,000 by the year 2019.

Several council members believe the new salary is consistent with the amount of work the Mayor puts in.

It is a full time job, and some council members hope the new pay will attract top candidates for the next election.

There is still a chance that the pay raise might not happen, however.

Jack Heath said, "It can still get vetoed it can still be voted down but we have at least three people who want to give the mayor a raise to fifty thousand dollars."

Mayor Jake Day, who is against a pay raise, said he plans on running for re-election and would veto the new salary.

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