Residents voice concerns over potential land grant

Residents from Ocean View fought Thursday night to keep land around their homes preserved during the county's latest planning and zoning commission meeting.

The controversy is surrounding a Conditional Use of Land Grant.  During the meeting, the conversation was focused on a proposed mini storage unit that would take up 3.21 acres of land on Muddy Neck Road.

We are told a petition with 156 names was brought to the commission to stop th mini storage facility from being built on AR1 designated land, or Agricultural-Residential.

Residents say this could affect property value, but it can also lead to dangerous conditions on a sharp turn on roadway.

"There isn't a lot of space for bicyclists or people that are walking or running, and we have a lot of that on this road, and there's a lot of traffic already.  So I think having this here is even going to add to that traffic flow and just make it more dangerous," said local resident Damien Golden.

As of now we do not have confirmation on when this issue will be picked back up by the commission.

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