PRMC program receives award

Peninsula Regional Medical Center and MAC Inc. received a Health Quality Innovator of the Year award on Friday.

The award recognizes the innovative efforts of PRMC's project living well program. 

The program focuses on expanding access to self-management programs on the lower Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Participants of that program learn how to read medicine bottles, what kinds of questions to ask their doctor, how to get appointments, and more.

Directors said they're thrilled to be receiving this award and are excited about the recognition it will bring both the program and the hospital.

Leigh Ann Eagle, the Executive Director of Maryland's Living Well Center said, "I think it means a lot to the hospital as well as to MAC Inc. because it shows that partnerships do work and it takes a village to work with our community. No one can do it alone."

Kathryn Fiddler, the Executive Director of Population Health added, "It's fantastic it's nice to have the public recognition outside just this community. The community has known for a long time that we have a great partnership with MAC but to have it be recognized by CMS is phenomenal."

PRMC said they will soon be launching another program. This time it will focus on mental health and depression.

The program will aim to train people across the Eastern Shore to help with those suffering from mental health issues.

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