Pocomoke to fix murky waters running from taps

There's been a problem in Pocomoke for the last three decades. City officials say it centers around residents drinking water and it has to do with these steel pipes according to city manager, Bobby Cowger.

"When they cut the section of pipe out this is what we found and this is dry now but when it was wet you run your fingers and they are completely black."

Cowger says the city's water is passing through old steel pipes that were installed when the Heights neighborhood was built back in the 50s.

He grew up in the city and says water quality has been an issue since the 70s.

However, one family who just moved to the area only discovered the problem, after they bought a house. 

Pastor Wayne Ayer says it changed the way his family lives.

"For us it wasn't just that we weren't able to drink the water, we weren't able to bath properly. I mean the stench in the shower. You'd have to turn on the water for several minutes just to get the stench outta the bathroom."

Pastor Wayne Ayer says when he saw how the water was hurting his family he decided to take action. 

He hired a company to come in an install equipment to clear it up.

 " We were coming to this home and weren't going to have the intensity of an issue with an 11 year old coming downstairs balling her eyes out (and I don't mean to embarrass her but its true) because her hair because her hair was orange. And not a thing you could do about it. "

Cowger and the city also have plans.

They say they're ready to move forward with an overhaul that is expected to cost around $500,000 dollars. 

Cowger says the plans are already moving ahead.

He's going to rely on the city's own public work's department for the project. 


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