Ocean City discusses possible solutions for controversial car events

Monday night's council meeting

Following all of the controversy surrounding this year's H2Oi and OC Cruisin' events, the Town of Ocean City is trying to come up with solutions to make the annual events safer.

The OC Police Commission recently came up with seven recommendations for the city council which they called a "Motor Events Action Plan."

One of the recommendations in the plan is to eliminate the Boardwalk parade for all OC Cruisin' events. Another is to discontinue rental of the Convention Center and Inlet Parking Lot for both spring and fall Cruisin' events.

Ocean City business owners are upset and think these kinds of recommendations are too extreme and will hurt the town's revenue.

Salvatore Fasano, a member of the OC Chamber of Commerce and a local business owner said, "These are all very very big revenue generating events."

Council members said they understand their concerns, but they also said there are other considerations.

Wayne Hartman, an Ocean City council member said, "It's a huge revenue maker for the town um and that's definitely something to consider. There's also a quality of life for the residents, there's also a level of safety that has to be maintained."

Overall, the Town of Ocean City agreed that they don't want to cancel the popular motor events all together.

"Canceling an event is your last resort, and that's not what we want to do, but I think we need to see changes to make it able to move forward in a safe manner and something that's palatable for all of our constituent groups here in Ocean City," Hartman said.

As for the future, Ocean City council members agreed that a task force needs to be created to further discuss the issue and to come up with solutions.

Hartman said, "You know, the more we talk about it, the more open dialogue we have, I think the better the outcome is going to be."

Ocean City council members are encouraging you to email them with your suggestions on possible solutions for these motor vehicle events.

You can find contact information for council members here: https://oceancitymd.gov/oc/city-hall/mayor-and-city-council/

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