Mountaire Farms hard at work following accusations of groundwater contamination

Mountaire Farms is responding to reports that its Millsboro plant contaminated groundwater in the area.

Their recent actions include firing the employees responsible for this mistake and designing a completely new treatment facility.

The reports were made public by Delaware State Regulators late last week. 

In the time that has passed, 47ABC has learned that the company is facing fines and other sanctions because the water may have been contaminated with fecal coliform and high levels of nitrogen nitrate.

 47 ABC spoke with an official with Mountaire who said they are working in two phases to correct the problem.

The first phase consists of dealing with the immediate problems. This means they are now hard at work removing biosolids and increasing oxygen levels in the water.

 They said they expect the first phase to take around six months to complete.

 The second phase is broader in scale. 

 There will be a complete upgrade of the waste water treatment facility, and they said they will be working with expert engineers to get this done.

Sean McKeon, Mountaire Farms' Director of Communications said, ""So those two phases, phase one we expect to spend somewhere between $5 and $10 million dollars and a little over $25 million on phase two, so it's significant improvements and I think they will be exactly what we need at that facility."

Mountaire Farms said they are submitting biweekly status reports to DNREC.

They are hoping that by the end of phase two, they will have one of the top waste water systems in the country.

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