Millsboro seeing business boom following lowered impact fee’s

Business is booming in Millsboro, and it's only expected to get better.

Carolyn Ludwig, a Millsboro resident said, "I mean Millsboro is growing. There's no doubt about it."

That's all thanks to the town's decision to lower their impact fee's by 25%.

Lowering impact fee's essentially means that developers don't have to pay as much to build there. Now Chick-Fil-A , Royal Farms, Farmers Bank of Willards and more are busy moving in. 

Harold Potious, the Manager at Way Back Burger said, "You've seen Burger King come in. You've seen McDonald's come in. They're currently working on Chick-Fil-A and Royal farms, so there's a lot of business growth over here in Millsboro especially near the Lowe's and the BJ's. They're working on stuff behind there as well as next to the Lowe's. They've got a lot of expansion going on here in Millsboro for sure."

Construction is already underway alongside Southbound 113, and local businesses said they've seen an uptick in the people coming to the area. 
Pontious said, "It's great, I'm loving to meet a lot of new faces. Seeing a lot of new people, a lot of returning customers as well, so it's great to see so many people coming through and that's what makes the highlight of your day, you know?"

Local business owners only expect this growth to continue. They said the pairing of a good location with the new low impact fee makes for a perfect business recipe. 

Pontious said, "You know, you've got the beach town and then you've got Ocean City. You've got Salisbury right on the other side of Maryland from us, so I think Millsboro is very conveniently located and it's very large believe it or not. A lot of people really underestimate how large Millsboro is, so I think that it's the perfect place to build a business."

The Royal Farms in the area is set to open up soon. 

The town says the hope is with that increase in business that high end hotel chains will start moving in as well. 

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